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Bouncing The Ball Against The Wall

February 17, 2010

I’m not quite sure what I expected from online classes but rumor has it, other schools that do online classes do not have 40 students all in one discussion group. Students are put into smaller groups to facilitate more in depth discussions.

Which is to say, I find myself in classes of 40 students where we are all expected to comment on reading assignments. I liken it to all 40 students standing in front of a wall, each armed with a tennis ball. As students post their comments online, it ends up being 40 superficial comments with no follow up.

Well, perhaps I exaggerate a tad. There are a couple follow up questions to comments occasionally but those comments die on the vine rather quickly.

I’m one of those total nerd students that love in depth discussions in a classroom. The question at hand is passed from student to student like a volley ball, each student putting their own spin on it and then passing it along to the next. Or in the case of myself, hitting the ball into the net or into someone’s face and breaking their glasses (damn that seventh grade gym class! I’ll have flashbacks until the day I die.)

Instead, there are comments that regurgitate statistics and make such earth shattering comments as “I can’t believe someone would actually hurt their own child!”

Thanks for that observation. I feel so much more informed.

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