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The Five Steps of Corgi Defiance

February 10, 2010

The look: This can happen when you give your pet a new kind of food. Or perhaps you give them the same tired food as always. Or perhaps you are taking them outside when it’s hovering around zero and their nether bits are dragging in the snow. It is both withering and soul-searching. It says to you “Really? Are you really sure about this? I’ll give you one do-over….” You go ahead with the morning walk anyway.

The sudden stop: After grudgingly walking along like the teenager behind their “oh-so embarrassing” parent, they stop in their tracks and basically say “Ummmmmmm. No.”

The sit down: “What part of no didn’t you understand?”

The roll on the back and attempt at looking adorable: How could you possibly be upset at this loving pet and faithful friend?

The feigned limp: After getting back on their feet, they suddenly develop a limp while giving you a look of utter misery. When you don’t buy it, their limp is suddenly cured.

Now take all five steps. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Every freaking morning.

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