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Sixth Scents

January 7, 2010

While reading Cesar’s book and considering how I can use his “calm-assertive” energy in my everyday life, I came across his discussion of dogs and their sense of smell.

I knew dogs had an amazing sense of smell. I knew that was how they left their calling cards.

I did not, however, realize that dogs can pick out a urine sample from a bladder cancer patient 41% of the time.


This fact brings up more than one question in my mind.

First of all, who thought of this experiment? Next, how can these findings be used?

Will there be bladder cancer sniffing dogs taken into your local mall? Will it be a public health screening campaign? I can just see an elderly man coming home and telling his wife “I don’t know dear, I was just looking at the snow blowers at Sears and all of a sudden this black lab ran up to me and sniffed my crotch. The dog’s owner gave me this…” he will then produce a business card for a local urologist.

Perhaps it will be a marketing campaign for area urologists?

If dogs can diagnose bladder cancer, they can certainly diagnose bladder infections.

Now THAT could have everyday implications for thousands of people. I could see this as being a great way to save millions of dollars in health care costs every year.

I can hear the questions that the doctor asks when a UTI patient comes in: “Are you having pain with urination? Blood in your urine? Lower abdominal pain? And how has your dog been acting lately? Oh? He’s been standing stock still and staring at your crotch? Well then! Let’s get you some antibiotics!”

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  1. Superiorfan permalink
    January 7, 2010 5:23 am

    To bad all of these are out of stock.
    Great books on educating dogs and owners.

    I grew up across the street from and have been good friends for a very long time with Chuck’s grand nephew. Always a highlight around Thanksgiving when Chuck and the dogs would pay a visit.

  2. January 9, 2010 9:25 pm

    Please not to laugh.

    It has been shown dogs can sniff out ovarian and breast cancer. Really. Hopefully research into what they are specifcally smelling will lead to the development of a clinical test.

    This could be a big deal.

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