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A Whole Freakin’ Decade Of Nothing But Awesome!

December 31, 2009

I’ve been reading best and worst of the decade lists for the last month now over at Pajiba, you would think that it would have sunk in that we are actually coming to the end of a decade tonight.

A decade! You know, decades are ten years long now…

Here, on this most auspicious evening, I was just going to ruminate on the last 365 days of ballet dancing with a steam roller but the decade long prospectus has a much better feel to it, a much more positive gobsmacking effect.

I have ten whole years to examine and come with the my most life altering occurence of the decade…

Was it al qaeda taking away our god given right to carry 5 ounces of body wash aboard any airliner anywhere and leaving us all with the possibility of immediate and imminent death?

No, I pretty much have subscribed to the “You could get hit by a bus at any moment so you’d better tell your loved ones that you love them every single day” school of thought for years. I’m a Buddhist which means I am a TON of fun at a party as I discuss how I am emotionally prepared to let go of all earthly ties at any moment in my life…This means that the anxiety that some people seem to have over being the target of a terrorist attack doesn’t really wash with me. If you meet one of these people, try something really fun and start telling them all of the more plausible ways that they could die each and every day.

I have stocks in anxiety relieving pharmaceuticals and I could really use the money.

How about the conservative take over at the beginning of the decade? Or the honest amazement at the engagement of people in the Obama campaign?

Perhaps it was something more vicarious? Like the death of Michael Jackson? Heath Ledger? The break up of Jon and Kate?

Or could it be the all to personal realization that ten years ago I never would have thought that I would see the criminal prosecution of my stbx take a shorter time than my divorce…perhaps I should back that up and say that ending the decade up with a criminal prosecution was a bit of a surprise as well.

Yes, it was a busy decade but as I try to hold the last ten years in my hands I have to reach for something good. I have to reach for something wonderful. I have to reach for my sonic screwdriver and say “Hey Geeks! I’m holding time in my hands here! In an ever so lordly manner!”


That is the highlight of my decade.

I am not a follower. I am not a tv watcher. I have not followed a series since China Beach. While I love 30Rock, I watch it whenever I find it while channel surfing.

But Doctor Who? I started watching Doctor Who as a wee young thing. Tom Baker was my doctor. It was a secret little freaky show on PBS that entranced me because it was so different. It wasn’t Hollywood.

No one else in my world seemed to know about it, especially not girls.

So I watched alone. Occasionally I would have to answer familial questions of “What the heck is that???” but what did they know?

And then it went away. And I went away. And life proceeded.

But in the middle of this decade? It was revived and as a show with 43 years of history and the whole internet to chat about it, there are now fans of all ages and especially with the new series, there are even other girls watching.

And if The Doctor actually had a last name, that would probably have been our new last name but alas, we are now the Harkness Clan from a Doctor Who spin off.

Timeless and immortal. Not a bad way to start a new decade…

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  1. December 31, 2009 8:09 am

    You know….you make a damn good point. That show might have been the best (in a no-strings attached kind of way) thing that happened for this entire decade. Just absolutely wonderful. Sure, other “wonderful” things happened, most of which involved you and I losing several hundred pounds of dead weight (ahem…not the ones attached to our bodies) but that took effort and strife and craziness and upset for us to eventual prevail, and feel the benefits. Dr. Who asked nothing of us. Beautiful. Really lovely.

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